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Our freshly baked homemade treats


Our favourite, served warm and filled with Nutella | Peanut Butter | Salted Caramel



Cakey on the outside and fudgy in the middle drizzled with Nutella | Peanut Butter | Salted Caramel



Like our gooey Brownies, but without the cocoa, our Blondies have subtle hints of salted caramel & white chocolate



Freshly baked with a melt in the mouth centre of Nutella | Peanut Butter | Salted Caramel



South African fried doughnut with a vanilla syrup glaze


Brioche Sandwiches

Two slices of soft and sweet brioche bread, spread with a generous helping of Nutella | Peanut Butter | Strawberry Jam


Add Marshmallow | Oreo | Biscoff | Strawberry | Banana

( + £0.50 each )

Pick three of the above and we will chuck it into a bucket of ice-cream for you!