Giving a Little Back
Just because we can 🙂

You can probably count on one hand how many times you’ve been walking through town and haven’t encountered a homeless person. As much as we would love to try and house or help everyone, our little business can’t. However, what we can do is something we’re good at – COOKIES!

The Can and Cookie initiative was introduced so you can help us help some of Cardiff’s homeless people. All it takes is £1.50 added to your bill which will enable us to prepare and distribute your donation. In case you’re wondering exactly what the donation is – well you’ve probably guessed it? We will deliver a can of drink and some of our speciality cookies to as many of our friends on the street that we can reach with your donations.

Brighten Someone’s Day
We can’t solve World hunger but…

Whilst we appreciate that a cookie is not going to solve the core issue, what it will potentially do is bring a smile to someone’s face and perhaps shed a bit of light on what may have been an otherwise gloomy day. If you leave us your Facebook or twitter, we’ll even let you know when your treat has been delivered and who it has been delivered to. Maybe next time you see them you can stop and say hello.

Treat yourself…. treat someone else